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The Latest Chattanooga Market Report

Getting Ready to Buy?

If you're thinking about buying a new home in the Chattanooga area, you might be wondering how the market is doing. Luckily, I have some amazing news—2022 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for buyers and sellers alike! Here are all the latest stats you'll want to know before you take the plunge.

Chattanooga by the Numbers


4th Best Market in the US

In a survey involving hundreds of metro areas, Chattanooga was ranked as the 4th hottest housing market in the entire nation by Our strong gains in both sales and home prices are expected to outpace the national average.

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2% Increase in Home Sales

In the same study, analysts projected Chattanooga's home sales to far outpace other markets...and the sluggish national average of -1.8%. That means buyers are ready to make a move—and our city is the place to be.

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3.6% Increase in Home Prices

Although it might be discouraging to see an increase in home prices, it's a sign that now is the time to invest. If you make your move sooner rather than later, you can start gaining valuable equity in your home!


Record Low Tax Rates

The state of Tennessee and the city of Chattanooga have some of the lowest tax rates in the nation, which is yet another reason why buyers are flocking to the area. We also don't have any state-level income taxes!


Affordable Home Prices

Although home prices are rising, properties in the Chattanooga area cost 30% less than national average. That makes living here more affordable than you might think.

Why Buy a Home in 2022?

Steady Mortgage Rates

Last year, we saw mortgage rates dip below 4%—and they're expected to stay at record lows for the duration of the year. That means now is the time to lock in an amazing rate and make a move.

More New Homes

Home builder confidence has reached its highest level in over 20 years, which means we can continue to see plenty of new communities popping up all around Chattanooga.

Renting Isn't Cheap

While renting does have its perks, it's also becoming more expensive. On average, renters in Chattanooga are spending over $1,000 a month on housing—but when you buy, you'll gain more stable, long-term equity.

Chattanooga Is Heating Up

Chattanooga is becoming a popular place to settle down. When you buy now, you'll enjoy home prices that are much lower than the national average—and you'll probably gain money once you decide to sell.

Your Chattanooga Dream Home Awaits...

Ready to start your real estate journey? I'm here to help you explore Chattanooga, discover the area's stunning communities, and find the right home that suits your needs. Give me a call so we can begin your search!