Why Choose Chattanooga

The secret is out—Chattanooga is a great place to call home! In fact, Southern Living recently named it one of The Best Places to Retire in the South!

So, what is it about this amazing city that makes it such an incredible place to retire and call home? Let us show you!

Chattanooga is Beautiful

Chattanooga is known as “the Scenic City” for a good reason! The city is nestled between the Cumberland and Appalachian mountain ranges in a quaint valley with beautiful views from every angle.

Nearly every neighborhood in town features towering trees and views of the rolling hills on either side of the valley—you might even be overlooking the Tennessee River! If you’re looking for something more scenic than tall buildings and highways, you’ll find it here.

There Are No State Income Taxes

Tennessee is one of eight states that doesn’t collect individual state income taxes. Whether you’re collecting social security, working a job, owning your own business, or collecting returns on your investments, it will be income tax-free in Chattanooga!

So if you decide to call Lookout Mountain, Ooltewah, Brainerd, or any other TN area home, you’ll be keeping a bit more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. That means you can put more money towards enjoying your life, whether you’ve been dreaming of taking a vacation or paying off those debts.

You Can Get Outside

Chattanooga manages to balance big-city activity with a small-town feel more than perhaps any other place in the world. And if you choose to call this little city home, we can just about promise you that you’ll never be bored!

Love getting outside? There are plenty of places to hike, fish, bike, canoe, kayak, or just relax in the great outdoors. If you’re especially adventurous, you can even go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. And the area’s temperate climate means nearly all of these activities are available year-round!

Chattanooga’s Many Attractions

Fun in Chattanooga doesn’t stop outside. In fact, the area is home to some of Tennesee’s best events and attractions. Here, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do on a day out on the town like the Chattanooga Zoo, the Tennessee Aquarium, live performances at Signal Mountain Opry, and rotating exhibits at Hunter Museum of American Art.

And don’t worry about meeting people in town—there are plenty of special interest groups and clubs open for the public to join! Check out the local library to discover some of the best.

It’s Close to Even More

If you feel like getting out of town for a day, you won’t have to go far to find an excellent destination. Only two hours away, you’ll find the vibrant city of Nashville. Here, you’ll find streets lined with amazing restaurants and live performances. Knoxville is even closer, making it a great destination for a little day trip.

In fact, you don’t even need to have a destination in mind to enjoy some time on the road. Hop in the car and enjoy a scenic drive through the winding hills and stop on one of the many overlooks to enjoy a picnic with a view. Towns like Signal Mountain and Red Bank are known for the scenery!

A Vibrant Economy

Whether or not you’re planning on working, it pays to live in a city with a vibrant economy like Chattanooga. Start-ups and tech companies have flocked here in recent years, creating thousands of jobs.

These companies and jobs inject new life into the city, and it shows. There are many shops, restaurants, and festivals held throughout the year, making this a happy city with a wonderful atmosphere.

Discover Why Chattanooga, TN is The Best Place to Retire!

The Chattanooga area is an excellent place to retire! With no income taxes, scenic views in a temperate climate, plenty of things to do, and a lower cost of living, it’s a great city to spend the next chapter of your life!

If Chattanooga sounds like the kind of place you’d like to call home, reach out to our team today! We can help you find your dream home in the perfect neighborhood. Just let us know—someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly!

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