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The Latest New Construction Homes in Chattanooga

The Advantages of New Construction


Modern designs

New construction homes are tailor-made for modern living. So if you're craving that open-concept floorplan, updated finishes and fixtures, a spacious primary suite, or a gourmet kitchen, it might be time to consider a new build. 

New appliances

The last thing you want to do is move into a home and discover you need to replace the hot water heater or a busted washer and dryer. When you buy new construction, you'll get all new appliances—and if something does break, it'll be under warranty!

Green features

Many new homes come with Energy Star certifications, as well as more efficient lighting, effective insulation, and smart thermostats. Even if your home doesn't have all the bells and whistles, you'll still save more money on your utility bills each month.

Builder warranties

In most cases, your new home shouldn't require any repairs after moving in. But if something does come up, most builders offer warranties and will make any fixes for you within a certain timeframe.

Customizable options

Building a home from the ground up means customizing every little detail, from the paint color to trim and even extra floors or rooms. Be sure to ask your builder about potential upgrades or personalizations—the options really are endless!

New Construction Buying Guide

Ready to find that perfect new home in Chattanooga? Here are the steps you'll need to take.

Find the right agent

Buying new construction comes with quite a few nuances, and it pays to work with an agent who's cut out for the job. Take some time to research your options, and try to go with someone who specializes in new builds.

Research builders

Every builder is different, which means it's crucial to do a little research before deciding on the right one. If you want some professional recommendations, your agent can offer valuable insight.

Explore the area

Whether you're building a home on your own land, in an existing community, or in a new subdivision, you'll want to take some time to explore the area before settling on the right spot. Be sure to consider your commute, local schools, amenities, and any other major factors.

Determine what's included

Talk to your builder with your agent present and ask about the standard features in your future home. Certain add-ons might cost extra, so be sure to budget for the things you can't live without.

Learn about warranties

Not every new home warranty is created equal. Find out exactly what your warranty covers, from the structure to the roof to the appliances. Your agent or builder should be able to provide these details.

Know how to negotiate

Many buyers believe that new construction home prices aren't negotiable, but that couldn't be further from the truth. With some skilled negotiating, your agent can score you additional features at no cost or have your builder cover the closing costs.

Get a home inspection

One of the biggest misconceptions is that new construction homes don't need inspections. Every home—new or existing—should be inspected by a professional before you move in. If you uncover any problems, your builder will fix them right away.

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Get Alerted of the Latest New Construction Homes

New construction homes sell fast—but our instant listing alerts can help you stay ahead of the game.